Surveys undertaken in Tyler Hill Meadow

Tyler Hill Meadow: surveys conducted 2013.



5 surveys conducted in 2013. Flowers recorded monthly (twice in May as the season was so slow in starting). Earliest in early May recorded 5 flowers blooming in the meadow and 13 on the wood [Total 18]. By the end of May there were 17 in the meadow and 18 in the wood [Total 35]. The best month was June with 30 in the meadow, 16 in the wood [Total 46]. July provided 21 in the meadow, 17 in the wood [Total 38]. August had 12 in the meadow, 5 in the wood [Total 18]. September 11 in the meadow; just 5 in the wood [Total 16]. Overall fewer flowers were recorded than in 2012.


Late spring but good weather when trees in blossom resulting in bumper harvest of acorns, hazel nuts etc.


Good year for: Dandelions, fruit, nuts, fungi. 5 orchids (2 new ones in different area).

1st record: Fox & Cubs.




8th May:           3 orange Tip. Cool spring – not much Ladies Smock.

28th May:         1 orange tip; 2 whites; 1 common blue.

28th July:          1 common blue; several gatekeepers; 5 ringlets; 3 small skippers;

several large whites; 1 green-veined white; lots of meadow browns;

2 small copper.

25th August:     several common blue; 3+ gatekeeper; many meadow browns;

3+ whites.

2nd September: 7+ speckled wood; many white; many meadow brown.


Orange Tip:                 May; (3).

Common Blue:            May-August; several (1-5).

Whites:                        late May-September; several 1-5+).

Green-veined White:  on 1 occasion in July; (1).

Meadow Brown:         July-September; many (5-10+)

Gatekeepers:               July-August; several (3+).

Ringlets:                      July; (5).

Small Skippers:            July (3).

Small Copper:             July (2).

Speckled Wood:          September; several (5+)

Brown Argus:              1 recorded by Ted Spice 26th August.




Southern Hawker: September: many. 1st time since 2006.


Slowworms: 2 (8/5/13); 1 (28/5/13); 1 (23/06/13); 3 (28/07/13).