Hackington Parish

The Parish is located just North of the City of Canterbury and bounded by the line of the former Crab & Winkle railway to the West, Broadoak to the East and Whitstable to the North. Its 1500 acres are mainly wooded with oak and chestnut on the higher ground whilst the valley of the Sarre Penn, formally hop gardens, is now arable.

The main area of habitation, with a population of 550, is in the West of the Parish in the pleasant village of Tyler Hill. There has been a community hereabouts from medieval times when the abundant local clay and timber were used to make tiles for the Cathedral, churches and manors of East Kent. Until the coming of the University of Kent the main occupation of those living in the parish was concerned with hops, arable and dairy farming or with the products of our woods, chiefly coppiced chestnut.

Since the 1960s Tyler Hill has almost doubled in population and has become a dormitory village for those working in the City or at the University.

Surrounded as it is by fields, meadows and the ancient Blean Forest, the village is a much sought after location providing as it does, easy access to the countryside, the City, the coast and to the motorway system.

The community, being relatively small, is self-regulating. It enjoys the benefit of the efforts of many active residents in its well-appointed Memorial Hall and on the adjacent spacious Recreation Ground.